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What is Quickbooks Remote Desktop Services? 

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is a technology offered by Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R21 and Server 2012 that allows multiple users to access applications, data or virtual desktops located on a central server.

This technology was formerly known as Terminal Services in Windows Server 2003 and is now one part of a greater set of virtualization technologies offered by RDS. Intuit has taken advantage of RDS to make it easier for businesses to extend QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions to multiple users. With RDS, administrators only need to install QuickBooks once in order to make it available for use by multiple users on multiple machines.

Up to 30 users, depending on the number of QuickBooks licenses purchased, can work with a company data file at the same time. A user interacts with QuickBooks via RDS the same way as if it were installed locally. Client software on the users personal computer, called Remote Desktop Connection, allows the user…